Astarter is a smart contract system on the Cardano blockchain that implements four key product features, Launchpad, DEX, Money Market and, Tech Service, collectively Astarter. At the core of Astarter is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocol designed to leverage greater security and smart contract cost predictability features of a Cardano next-level DeFi application deployment supporting liquidity and interoperability with multi-source verifiable price oracles.
Using standard formulas Astarter asset pairings and variable transaction fees for liquidity providers on both assets in a given pair, maintain reserve flows. Astarter supports variations of token trading pairs as well as the core contract trading pairs.
Astarter addresses and improves upon issues in mainstream DEXs with a design implementation that minimizes the core smart contract component logic; this component is allowed to maintain the flow of liquidity provider's funds, thus making the system more scalable and secure. The core contract component of the system gets initialized by driver contracts that manage the required sequence of transaction validations, routing and calculations.