Over the past few months, we have devoted our resources to developing the first beta version of Astarter Launchpad on Cardano. Our Launchpad Open Beta Testnet has gone live by 25th May 2022. Welcome to have a test and you can check testing instructions on the previous "Open Beta Tutoroal" page.
The goal of the first beta version is to make Cardano's Mainnet assets and token pool reach a viable and usable, fixed exchange platform, creating a market for connection pool creators and liquidity providers. Liquidity pool creators will be able to initiate token exchanges in a permissionless environment. Liquidity providers will be able to earn and trade these new tokens. Community incentives, such as; liquidity mining, will be implemented as soon as possible to guide network effects. Our Astarter community is strong and growing and will participate in the incentivized beta program improving the usability and interface to optimize the experience before the official live launch in the Cardano ecosystem.
Our project roadmap:
2021 Sept-Dec
Launchpad development on Cardano
A decentralized and fair way for IDO projects on CARDANO to raise capital and promote.
One-click token issuance function for project owners to easily get native tokens; stake/claim for users to gain POINTs to invest IDO projects.
Q1 2022 Jan-Mar
Astarter launchpad closed beta launch
ADEX Beta version development
  • A cornerstone AMM DEX on Cardano for Trading, Liquidity Mining, and Liquidation.
Infura development
Q2 2022 Apr-Jun
Astarter launchpad open beta launch
ADEX Closed Beta version
Astarter ISPO
Q3 2022 July-Sept
ADEX Open Beta Version
Awls NFT
Money Market development on Cardano
  • Decentralized marketplace for lending & borrowing.
Tech Service development on Cardano
  • Oracle integration and easy-to-use tech tools for ecosystem participants.
Launch of the Cardano Blockchain Launchpad and ADEX
Q4 2022 Oct-Dec
Money Market Beta version launch
Tech Service Beta version launch
Launch of the Cardano Blockchain Tech Service
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