Astarter core features--fixed exchange pool
In future beta versions, users can explore and participate in multiple token pools. These will be fixed exchange pools in which two or more parties exchange a fixed amount of tokens at a predetermined price. In this initial prototype, the creator of the mining pool will be able to enter the details of the mining pool, such as the token contract address, the name of the mining pool, the limits per address, the type of mining pool access (public pool, private pool, white-list pool), and the final generated currency price.
We start with fixed exchange pools because they solve one of the biggest problems of automated decentralized transactions like Uniswap. Although these exchanges are very suitable for daily spot trading, they are not ideal for token sales. It is usually impossible to obtain the initial listed token price because the robot has purchased all the initial liquidity. Astarter Swap will realize a stable, organized, and fair token exchange infrastructure.
Launchpad features token sales IDO mechanism with one-click deployment and issuance of tokens with customizable configuration parameters, tiered listings splitting allocation over different rounds to maintain fairness of launch distributions, permissionless listing, full KYC integration, and governance voting DAO framework of the Astarter Tech Service platform.
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