1 Launchpad

The global popularisation of DeFi has gained great success in the Ethereum ecosystem; for example, Uniswap and Compound have brought over billions of transaction volume to the crypto market. Since the gas fees of the Ethereum network soared, its performance slowed down, discouraging those users. They demand low-cost transactions, secure and speedy exchange, user-friendly design, and the possibility of purchasing and migrating assets among blockchains. The future of DeFi will not be limited to only one public chain, and interoperability has become an indispensable feature of DeFi to-be. Astarter, therefore, developed based on Cardano it provides a comprehensive blockchain platform for launchpad/ DEX, etc., DeFi functions all in one. Start-ups and decentralized projects can raise/exchange funds on Astarter's interoperable and decentralized infrastructure. This technology can also have other applications, including password-protected closed over-the-counter transactions, discount sales of white-listed addresses, and even crowdfunding in the future.
Fundraising, startups can raise funds on a secure platform.