Astarter Project Roadmap
Phase1: 2021 Sept-Dec
Launchpad development on Cardano
A decentralized and fair way for IDO projects on CARDANO to raise capital and promote.
One-click token issuance function for project owners to easily get native tokens; stake/claim for users to gain POINTs to invest IDO projects.
Phrase2: Q1 2022 Jan-Mar
Astarter launchpad closed beta launch
ADEX Beta version development
  • A cornerstone AMM DEX on Cardano for Trading, Liquidity Mining, and Liquidation.
Infura development
Phrase3: Q2 2022 Apr-Jun
Astarter launchpad open beta launch
ADEX Closed Beta version
Astarter ISPO Development
Phrase4: Q3 2022 July-Sept
Astarter ISPO
ADEX Open Beta Version
Awls NFT
Money Market development on Cardano
  • Decentralized marketplace for lending & borrowing.
Tech Service development on Cardano
  • Oracle integration and easy-to-use tech tools for ecosystem participants.
Launch of the Cardano Blockchain Launchpad and ADEX
Phrase5: Q4 2022 Oct-Dec
Money Market Beta version launch
Tech Service Beta version launch
Launch of the Cardano Blockchain Tech Service